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To extinguish fire quickly, it sprays water through its piercing nozzle at 80-100 GPM," says a spokesperson for Fyrestick Piercing Nozzle As today's houses are designed using flimsy roof, it is often difficult for firefighters to quickly get to the source of fires. When extinguishing fire in dangerous areas such as house combustibles, firefighters can lodge the Fyrestick Piercing Nozzles into a wall, door or roof and can be left unattended to do its work. "We have tested our piercing nozzle on standard 3 1/2 inch thick concrete over 22 gauge steel as most of the high rise building in Chicago and other large cities have this type of construction. To know more about its piercing ability and one pierce stopping power, see our video," adds the spokesperson Fyrestick Piercing Nozzle is a new firefighting tool that pierces virtually any surface to put out a fire quickly and efficiently. Now, firefighters can extinguish fire without entering a cramped hallway using Fyrestick Piercing Nozzle which allows a firefighter to safely install it near the source of the flames Cationic Dyeable Polyester Yarn Factory from China with one or two individuals.) January 18, 2013 - Shepherd, MT ( prhwy ) January 18, 2013 - To extinguish fire safely and efficiently, a fire professional has designed advanced firefighting equipment 'Fyrestick Piercing Nozzle' that pierces virtually any surface to put out a fire. Our firefighting equipment only took 25 seconds to thrust the tool through this heavy duty layer of concrete and steel. When inserted into a steel shipping container, our firefighting tool requires less than 13 seconds to peel the metal away, while it takes more time to break the container using manual process. As it reaches the fire source and gets water on the fire quickly, it incurs less amount of property loss. With its one pierce stopping power, Fyrestick Piercing Nozzle reduces the time spent in getting water on the fire. "Opening roofs, doors or walls using pry bars and axes can be time consuming and hazardous for firefighters. As the steam production comes through the piercing nozzle at 80-100 GPM, the targeted spray extinguishes fire quickly. To put an end to fire professionals' miseries, we have designed advanced firefighting equipment that pierces through roofs, doors, walls, floors, and even foundation block quickly to put out the fire. This firefighting equipment uses reduced amount of water, causes less damage and extinguishes fire in much less time.

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